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 Bench Alisa
No reviews
Height : 426 мм
Length : 1600 мм
 Bench "Lada"
No reviews
Height : 465 мм
Length : 1500 мм
Weight : 14 кг
 Bench "Modern"
No reviews
Height : 570 мм
Length : 1800 мм
Weight : 55 кг
 Bench "Melody" backless
No reviews
Height : 458 мм
Length : 2050 мм
Weight : 50 кг
 Bench Riviera
No reviews
Height : 420 мм
Length : 1910 мм
Weight : 65 кг

bench Street from the plant Prodmash

in Extremely rare situations, the landscape design is not complemented by various decorative elements. One of the most practical elements of the territorial decoration garden bench. Because the benches of the original form is not only beneficial to decorate the area, but also allow to relax in comfort and cool in the shade during summer.

in addition, buy garden bench today is very simple. Zavod Prodmash offers a huge range of products, which differ in shape and materials.

Where to buy benches for the garden and streets

the Standard cast iron wooden benches is now increasingly replacing the  products with ornate original form, in the manufacture of which involved different kinds of materials (stone, bronze, metal). 

the range of Prodmash many stainless steel products that are almost timeless. Our metal products have some benefits over traditional hardwood. After precipitation, the wooden elements require a long drying. But Park benches out of metal, just wipe and they re ready to “work”. In addition, they are much stronger and lower weight.

here you can buy a bench for the garden, as well as options of the pews for the streets. Advantages of our products are:

  • Fastening anchor bolts and cementing bench on the road surface. Therefore, impossible to damage or theft of the product.
  • Lacquered pieces of furniture is additionally coated with polyester powder paint that can withstand extreme temperatures and precipitation.
  • Back and seat benches made of polished stainless steel that makes the product durable and wear-resistant.
  • design Features, design and dimensions of our products allows you to install it inside and outside.

Park benches made by Italian technology

factory "created" in Ukraine produces a variety of benches and benches. On our site you can buy Park bench with corrosion protection  (metal) with protection from moisture and temperature (wood). 

a Special demand for a vandal-proof bench, which you can buy at an affordable price on our website. Made by Italian technology, they have an attractive European design, and equipment products stainless perforated flooring allows you to serve him for a period of more than ten years. All metal parts of benches are corrosion protection – electric arc metallization, and painted with powdered polyester paint. Profitable on our site you can buy wrought-iron bench. 

Choose from the range and buy a wooden bench also can. Benches with wooden flooring have a coating, therefore suitable for outdoor use, perfectly withstand moisture and temperature changes. Also perhaps custom benches, custom design.

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Street bench Цена
Bench Alisa Negotiable
Bench "Lada" Negotiable
Bench "Modern" Negotiable
Bench "Melody" backless Negotiable
Bench Riviera Negotiable