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Expanded metal mesh is a versatile material that can be used for various types of construction and repair work. So, the possible areas of application of this material include household construction, fencing of territories, the manufacture of flooring, the construction of multi-storey and private houses, as well as the production of cages and aviaries. But the most often used is expanded mesh for steps.

This structure is made of an all-metal sheet, which is subsequently processed for punching holes in a checkerboard pattern and further stretching. As a result, the slots become cells, and the sheet looks like a grid with diamond-shaped holes.

Features and characteristics of expanded mesh for steps

Expanded mesh for steps has the following technical characteristics:

  • one-piece metal mesh, the manufacture of which takes place without the use of welds, since they can make the structure heavier;
  • high strength of the product along with its plasticity;
  • resistance to aggressive environment;
  • good opacity;
  • fire resistance;
  • suitable for tasks of different difficulty levels.

Expanded mesh for steps - what to look for?

Before choosing and purchasing a product, you should pay attention to several important points. A high-quality expanded mesh for steps is selected according to the following parameters:

  • the thickness of the metal from which it is made;
  • optimal cell size;
  • the shape of the cells - they can be made in the form of a rhombus, circle or hexagon;
  • suitable jumper size;
  • total weight of the roll, which must correspond to the reference value.

Focusing on these categories, you can choose the type of metal mesh that is suitable for a certain type of construction, renovation or architectural work.

Why is it worth buying expanded mesh for steps from the Prodmash-Dnepr plant

If you need to buy a material such as expanded mesh for steps, then it is more profitable and convenient to do it through the Internet. You can do this with the help of the Prodmash-Dnepr enterprise, which has been operating on the market for over 90 years.

In the product catalog of the domestic manufacturer, there is not only expanded mesh for the fence, but also other categories of metal products made in various production technologies of any complexity. You can purchase the goods you need directly from the manufacturer at an affordable price, as well as arrange the delivery of products throughout Ukraine using any courier service. In addition, there are several payment options for customers so that everyone can choose the most convenient one.

The purchase of products from the Prodmash-Dnepr plant is a guarantee of high quality from the industry leader in the production of perforated metal.

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