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Expanded mesh takes a special position among all products made of metal. It is a versatile material that can be used in various construction, architectural and renovation works. One of the areas of its use is the installation of area fences. In this case, the CPVS fence mesh is an excellent alternative to the chain-link mesh, demonstrating greater strength, reliability and durability. That is why such fence material is widespread and is used during works of varying complexity.

Features of CPVS mesh for fence

A feature of the expanded metal mesh is its manufacture from a solid metal sheet, in which holes are made in a checkerboard pattern. Further, this sheet is stretched, forming cells of a certain shape, thickness and size. There are various types of mesh on the market, which differ among themselves and in the thickness of the sheet itself - as a rule, this indicator varies from 0.5 to 3 mm. The rigidity of the finished material directly depends on the thickness of the sheet.

Also, CPVS meshes are made of different types of metal used as the basis of the material. Most often they are made of stainless steel or cold rolled steel, galvanized or alloy steel, as well as ferrous metal or galvanized steel with polymer coating.

Before purchasing this grid, you should pay attention to the fact that all cells in it are the same size. In this case, you can be sure that you have chosen a really high quality product.

Advantage of CPVS mesh for fences and fences

The CPVS mesh for fences has a number of advantages, which include its following distinctive features:

  • the optimal ratio of strength and weight, which is achieved due to the absence of welds that weigh down the structure;
  • reliable and durable product;
  • profitability of the grid, which allows it to be used on large areas;
  • facilitation of the installation process due to the structure of increased thickness;
  • the fence from the CPVS mesh allows sunlight and air to pass well into the fenced area;
  • availability of various types of fencing for every taste;
  • neat and modern appearance of such a fence.

Why is it worth buying a CPVS mesh for a fence from "Prodmash-Dnepr"

To buy such a product as a CPVS net for a fence and a net for the bottom of the hives, you can contact an enterprise with 90 years of experience in the Prodmash-Dnepr market for help. Products from the domestic plant, which for many years have been holding the leading positions in the production of perforated metal, are exceptionally high quality and have excellent performance characteristics. In addition, the company enables its potential clients to make purchases of materials via the Internet without leaving home and saving not only money, but also time.

On the official website of the company there is a convenient online store, which presents various metal products to the attention of buyers. The catalog also contains a CPVS mesh for high quality fences and fences at an affordable price. You can purchase the selected materials with delivery throughout Ukraine, as well as choose any of the several proposed payment options that will be most convenient for you.

By purchasing products from the manufacturer "Prodmash-Dnepr", you can be sure of their high quality, excellent performance characteristics, strength and durability.

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