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 Sifting machines for A1-BPK flour
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Height : 2295 мм
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Weight : 340 кг

Industrial production involves the use of special technology, thanks to which it is possible to significantly increase its efficiency. For example such as: peeling machine. The automation of the enterprise leads to a decrease in costs and an increase in the volume of finished products. For this purpose, milling enterprises install special sifters. With their help, you can sift flour, sugar, salt, milk powder, bread crumbs, as well as a number of other products that have a dry form. The flour milling equipment that you will find in our catalog is distinguished by its reliability and functionality, as can be seen from personal experience.

Features and operating principle of flour sifters

A productive industrial flour sifter will be an ideal addition to a production line in which proofers, dough dividers, mixers, and other sophisticated equipment are already used. A wide range of models will allow you to find equipment with an optimal set of functions. You can buy a flour sifter at competitive prices, so you shouldn't give up this opportunity.

At the moment of switching on the device, which is filled with products for sifting, the rotation of the impeller, located in the loading hopper, begins. The magnetic catcher and the auger, which the flour sifter is equipped with, are located in a cylindrical sieve. Further, there is a direct supply of raw materials to the screw, which feeds it to the sieve. Here, the rotation of a special brush allows you to push flour or other products through the mesh of the sieve. Flour of the fraction, which is smaller than the mesh size of the sieve, is directed through the chamber to the tray. Particles larger than the set size are sent to a collection bag, which is emptied from time to time by the operator. A magnet installed in the device allows you to remove ferromagnetic components from the raw material.

The price for a flour sifter remains affordable, and its purchase will significantly increase the production capabilities of the enterprise. The raw materials that have passed such screening are sent directly to production.

Advantages of industrial flour sifters

If you are interested in flour sifting equipment, then be sure to pay attention to our catalog, in which it will be easy to find the right model. Qualified consultants are always ready to answer additional questions. The technique has the following advantages:

  • High performance. The conventional model is capable of sifting 150-900 kg of raw material per piece.
  • High quality of finished products. Many visitors of our website managed to buy a flour sifter in Ukraine, who note the rapid increase in the characteristics of flour, cocoa and other friable components due to thorough cleaning and oxygen enrichment.
  • Achieving optimal consistency. The sieve allows you to get a looser and puffier flour. The process leads to an increase in the oxygen content, therefore, the baked goods acquire a high taste.

The industrial flour sifter pleases with its ease of operation. Even a beginner who has not dealt with such a technique before can operate the device.

How to choose a flour sifter?

To find a suitable model, you need to familiarize yourself with the features of the equipment on the market. All devices by the method of supplying raw materials can be divided into manual and automated. Manual models are suitable for an enterprise where a small volume of products is processed. This technique is not expensive. Automated equipment will allow processing a large amount of raw materials, freeing up labor resources. According to the type of sifting, the flour sifter can be vibrating and auger.

How to buy a flour sifter at an affordable price from the Prodmash manufacturer?

If you have been planning to buy a flour sifter for a long time, then with our help it will be as simple as possible. The catalog contains modern equipment that can easily cope with the tasks. You just need to leave a request on the company's website so that delivery across Ukraine is made without delay.

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