Mesh floor for hives

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 PVA mesh 2.8 * 8 0.5 mm (roll)
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Length : 500 мм

The mesh bottom for hives is a technological option that has become quite widespread today. In addition to small hives, metal mesh bottoms are widely used in structures made of expanded polystyrene or polyurethane foam. As you know, such materials cannot provide ventilation on their own, but the mesh bottom will be the best way to cope with this task.

Features and Benefits of Hive Bottom Mesh

Expanded mesh for ventilation of the hive will help to ensure proper air exchange inside the hive. Using such a bottom, in the spring you will definitely not see mold on its surface or fermented honey. As for the summer, there is also no need to resort to the help of fan bees. In the sweltering heat, during the processing of the hive with chemicals in a closed structure, insects will definitely not suffocate.

If the hive has undergrowth, this can cause clogging of the lower tray. By ordering the bottom from the grid, such a nuisance will definitely not arise. Mesh bottoms are widely used today all over the world, and not only in countries with high temperatures. Even in Finland, bees spend the winter in such hives and, as practice shows, they feel pretty good.

As for other advantages of mesh bottoms, these are:

  • Maintenance of the correct microclimate inside the structure all year round.
  • When the fields are being treated with chemicals, the bees can be protected by simply closing a special flap on the bottom.
  • Therapeutic manipulations can be carried out without the need to open the lid of the structure. This does not disturb the bees, but the efficiency of bottom steaming does not decrease either.
  • In conventional designs, ordinary bees serve as fans. As a rule, almost 20% of the total population of the hive is involved in this process. The blown bottom eliminates this need, which makes it possible to significantly increase productivity.
  • If you need to move the hive to another place, the bees will not suffocate from the heat.
  • The mesh greatly simplifies the process of pickling mites. Pests crumble through the net, and the survivors of them do not come back.
  • Maintaining the correct sanitary and hygienic conditions inside the structure.

High-quality expanded mesh for beehives from the Prodmash plant

As noted above, the net for hives today is a fairly popular protective agent. To order this product in Ukraine, contact the representatives of the Prodmash company. Experts will explain all the advantages and disadvantages, and will also help you buy expanded mesh for hives at the best price. You can also buy a metal plaster mesh from us.

Having decided to equip the hives with a metal mesh, you can rest assured that such a decision is correct. The survival rate of the insects will increase significantly, and the maximum increase in productivity will also be observed. All Prodmash products are of high quality, environmental friendliness and affordable cost.

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