Company "created" produces a unique product. We covered three businesses, each of which is currently relevant and has a high yield.

Work on the terms of the dealer agreement provides:

Agricultural business.

Global trends in agricultural market – the increase in population and consequently increasing demand for food and rising prices. In our country, every year, increase investments in agriculture, created a large agricultural holdings, increasing the number of farms.

Prodmash produces SIEVES, SEPARATORS for all stages of grain processing.

the harvest is in full cleansed from impurities and weeds on our screens.

Set them in the separators, dryers, crushers on Grain-points, the bakery, Silos, Mills, Feed mills, Distilleries, oil and fat, Food concentrates.

the Proposed range of 700 types of holes for different cultures.

Always in stock warehouse program. Custom manufacturing in a period of 3 days. Fast delivery to Ukraine. Cumulative system of discounts to 30 percent.

outdoor furniture. Mafy.

every year more and more transformed our city. Intensively landscaped. Appear Shopping malls, Residential complexes, Parks – on the current European project.

Given the trends of modernity, we have organized a new direction –  manufacturer of BENCHES, trash receptacles, LED  LIGHTS, STOPS, TRADE KIOSKS. In the design used counterparts the Italian producer of “Metalko”. It's beautiful, "vandal" products, with a service life of 10 years. The design and quality European – the price is 4 times less than the Italian equivalent.

Sell outdoor furniture is very important and profitable! For You – discounts of up to 30 percent, delivery, Assembly and installation, after-sales service.


the construction date at all times. Prodmash offers EXPANDED metal MESH for various applications. The range cell size and thickness. Thin (metal, 0.5 mm, 0.8 mm) – for reinforcement of plaster.

Thick (of metal 1.0 mm to 5mm) – for the reinforcement of the screed, manufacture of ventilation, passages, stairs, fences. Used for the formation of a fashionable interior in style hi-tech.

in stock in stock. Best prices and discounts. Fast delivery in any quantity in Ukraine.

the Company Prodmash is always glad to new cooperation with Dealers, wholesalers, Internet – shopping.

You will increase Your income working with us, as our products are unique and high margin.

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