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Galvanized corrugated sheet is a type of cold-rolled steel with zinc alloy applied to the surface, which protects it from corrosion.

The rolled metal is galvanized in several stages. The direct coating with the alloy occurs after degreasing, pickling and rinsing the surface. The final stage is the cooling of the steel product. The thickness of the zinc layer depends on the temperature and time of coating, and can range from six micrometers to one and a half millimeters.

Features of galvanized sheet

Galvanized corrugated sheet has excellent performance, quality and technical characteristics, which has led to its wide range of applications. The main features of the grooved steel plate are:

  • high strength and reliability;
  • excellent adhesion and high anti-slip performance;
  • ease of processing, stamping, bending and rolling;
  • the duration of the service life;
  • resistance of the color coating to ultraviolet light;
  • ease of installation, repair, dismantling;
  • possibility of reuse;
  • versatility.

Sheets are classified depending on the thickness of the protective coating, field of application, drawability, uniformity of zinc thickness.

Galvanized corrugated sheet can have a different pattern of bulges. In accordance with how anti-slip elements are applied, products are:

  • with single corrugation - rhombus, lentils, diamond, diamond;
  • with paired riffle - duet;
  • with a pattern of groups of elements - a quintet.

The Prodmash company offers high-quality galvanized steel with grooves at an affordable price. The catalog contains a wide range of products manufactured in accordance with GOST and having certificates of compliance with international and European quality standards.

Scope of use

Galvanized sheets are one of the most popular types of rolled metal products. Its strength, resistance to corrosion, aggressive environments and high adhesion allow sheet metal to be used in many manufacturing and industrial sectors.

It is used to equip roofs, ventilation systems, drainage gutters and other metal structural elements for civil and industrial construction.

Galvanized corrugated sheet, the price of which will pleasantly please you, is presented on our website in a wide range. All products have a width of 2000 mm and a length of 1000 mm, there is also a corrugated sheet 1 mm thick, which allows the use of rolled products in solving various problems. It is suitable for the creation of decking and fences, installation of ceilings, for the manufacture of structures, details of decoration and decoration.

Why buy galvanized corrugated sheet from us?

Prodmash offers to buy galvanized corrugated sheet wholesale and retail. We are always glad to cooperate with dealers and wholesalers, we offer favorable discounts when purchasing a large batch of goods. We guarantee fast delivery anywhere in the country and a high level of customer service.


☷ What determines the cost of corrugated galvanized sheet on the manufacturer's website?
Prices for corrugated sheet depend on the material of the product, the thickness of the metal, the size of the product.
☷ Where can you use corrugated galvanized sheet purchased from our online store?
Corrugated sheet is used in various fields, in airplanes, on ships, and even in the kitchens of cafes and restaurants.
☷ Why is it best to buy corrugated galvanized sheet from the Prodmash manufacturer?
In the manufacture of corrugated sheet, Prodmash uses only high-quality material to make a durable product with a long service life.
☷ What is the thickness of the corrugated galvanized sheet?
You can buy corrugated galvanized sheet of this size: 1 мм, 1,5 мм

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