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Max. the dimensions of the parts
Class precision
the Hardness of workpiece
up to 20 HRC

Effective turning from the pros

The turning required by both legal entities and individuals. It's not the kind of work that anyone can do. You need to get a proper education, to gain experience and understanding of how to perform a specific action. It is extremely difficult to achieve high quality and precision. Dnepr — the city where the lathe work on metal ready to fulfill good people.

material machining is performed on modern equipment that is equipped with a dozen cutters, reamers, drills, core drills and not only. Cutting tools allow you to achieve the desired shape and parameters. Such elements are moved in different directions. It is possible to define a specific angle that will work the cutter. The equipment is multifunctional, so the master gets parts made in the most unusual geometric shapes.

Modern turning: key features

Specialists from the plant ‘created” perform a wide range of works. Set affordable price. To see the price on the official website. Guaranteed high quality, as for the machine work exclusively skilled craftsmen. Lathe machining of metal involves:

  • the
  • sharpening bulges;
  • the
  • external and internal cutting;
  • the
  • service countersinking and scanner;
  • the
  • tidying up all surfaces of the product;
  • the
  • drilling parts;
  • the
  • creating presets.

works with ferrous and non-ferrous metals and their numerous alloys. Great experience and high qualification allow the craftsmen to produce studs, couplings, bolts, nuts, flanges. The use of modern equipment guarantees the manufacturing of products atypical configuration of any level of complexity. Experienced machine operator in the work process involves how the good old proven methods and the latest, but well-proven modern technology. Our workshop is equipped with equipment of last generation. Serviceability of all mechanisms is regularly checked by specialists.

Any order may be performed for the given drawings. If it is not possible to show the image, the wizard will produce the detail on the model. Lathe work require patience, calm, attention to detail. These qualities are characteristic not for everyone, so this activity can go a few.

Hardware on which you are turning

  • the
  • screw-cutting Lathe 16K20 universal
  • the
  • screw-cutting Lathe universal DIP 300