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 Stop "Alar"
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Height : 4300 мм
 A stopping complex "elegant" with kiosk
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Height : 2500 мм
 A stopping complex "Parus"
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Height : 2975 мм
 A stopping complex "Tandem"
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Height : 2938 мм
 A stopping complex "elegant"
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Height : 2500 мм
 Advertising light box
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Kiosk from the plant Prodmash

Kiosk under the order - is a convenient commercial property, the complexity of which is the need of professional experience and strict adherence to production technology. An important issue is choosing the right manufacturer with such capabilities.

Plant ‘created” is currently offering one of the most popular and latest modifications of the fabrication of the kiosks, made on a frame panel technology of metal. We are ready to perform quickly and at reasonable prices orders of any complexity, to produce high-quality stalls,  material, color, size can choose by the customer.

Why is it profitable to buy a shop

Store order kiosks, the production of which does not take much time, we can install in any location chosen by the customer. It is worth saying that the purchase of the kiosk is much cheaper than renting expensive space in the complexes or the construction of the store itself. Its price will pay off in the first year of trade. 

Manufacturer of Kiosks and stalls from the plant Prodmash  is a complete work cycle: 

  • developing a finished project;
  • implementation of counting the cost of kiosk manufacturers;
  • the implementation of the project implementation (installation "turnkey").

the Lowest price for our products makes commercial tents one of the items that has a great demand among a wide range of organizations and entrepreneurs.

factory Prodmash Ukraine made any commercial kiosks and shops for various use. 

we can order the production of stands for:

  • meat;
  • bread;
  • magazines and Newspapers
  • colors;
  • cakes;
  • coffee products;
  • kebabs.

Manufacturer shops

Create business object using a pre-developed technologies is the most affordable way to get a place to do business. 

Our trading kiosks and the Kiosks are different:

  • comfort for customers and employees;
  • high level of security and reliability;
  • ability to maintain a heat balance at any time of the year; 
  • good ventilation system.

in addition, the advantage of prefabricated kiosks is the speed of their construction: from the Assembly of the production module and transfer order before the installation takes no more than two to three weeks.

the cost of a kiosk with the use of modular technologies is affected by:

  • distance from the production and Assembly of the module;
  • type of roof;
  • the presence of internal partitions;
  • method of finishing and facade works;
  • number of doors and Windows in the stall;
  • of built area.

As with any design, construction, modular stalls includes certain stages. Thus, the structure can be easily constructed facilities involves:

  • definition of the project complexity and size of the area;
  • select the type of Foundation (shallow, tape, etc.);
  • manufacture of metal structures;
  • construction of the building.

the Final stage of cooperation with the client is the commissioning of the project and signing appropriate documentation. 

Цена на Stopping complexes

Stopping complexes Цена
Stop "Alar" Negotiable
A stopping complex "elegant" with kiosk Negotiable
A stopping complex "Parus" Negotiable
A stopping complex "Tandem" Negotiable
A stopping complex "elegant" Negotiable
Advertising light box Negotiable