Metal bending

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Our capabilities
Max. dimensions of workpieces, mm
> 2500 (L - 300  T - 6); for W < 2500 (L 570  T - 8);
Precision bending
± 1 mm 
Class precision
R bending
3, 25
the Range of bend angles in sheet thickness up to 3 mm
90 to 155

Professional metal bending in the river

Flexible metal — the technological process in order to give the sheet the desired shape. Often used in many industries. Given the popularity, in many cities the service is provided “flexible metal" Dnepr — is no exception. With this purpose, special machines, hydraulic pipe, equipped with electronic control and other equipment.

Mechanisms have several advantages. Large amount of installations in minimum possible time. The quality of the products does not deteriorate. Some artists do this type of work manually. The use of the mechanisms not only accelerates the process, but also minimizes the number of marriage. Increased productivity, for the work of just one person. As a result, can be set at an affordable price.

Quality sheet metal bending

in order to achieve a good result, it is necessary to remember following rules:

  • the
  • if the material thickness exceeds 1 cm, it is necessary to use special equipment; manually such work is not performed;
  • the
  • to handle better to pick metals, is characterized by good ductility;
  • the
  • the thickness of the metal must be greater than the radius of the bend;
  • the
  • it is desirable to use auxiliary tools — clamps, pliers, hammers;
  • the
  • increase in temperature improves the ductility of the material, and it can be used.

Flexible metal to order from the factory “Prodmash” — the guarantee of a quality end product at an affordable cost on time. The latest reliable mechanisms and instruments, equipped with all necessary production departments. Works exclusively professional staff. The service is always at a decent level.

what kind of equipment is performed flexible metal with thickness from 0.5 mm to 6mm

  • the
  • Hydraulic press brake YEH CHIUN YCN-12032