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Welding metals and alloys
Twedie and soldering soft solders
Max.the envelope of the workpiece by the welding means (RSW)
L=1000 mm

Effective welding works

Earlier, people were forced to use a overall bulky devices. Now they were replaced by modern and practical welders. Work is done much faster and easier, does not feel discomfort. It is particularly important to the emergence of such mechanisms for individuals. In an apartment impossible to imagine the work with the apparatus that was used previously. You can lean from the factory “Prodmash” on welding. Dnepr — the city where the service is rendered. We can distinguish several major categories:

  • the
  • maintenance of vehicles — the equipment used with alternating or direct current;
  • the
  • household — the layout of cable systems, laying of pipes, repair of plumbing points;
  • the
  • the construction — install, repair structures and components.

considered the Most difficult welding work performed in certain industries. Not be limited to primitive devices. If we are talking about large scale, you need to use the latest designs of mechanisms.

Welding works, price: feature definitions

to Determine the specific prices for welding work is possible only after the client fully describe their requirements. The cost depends on two main factors. The first — volume. In some cases it is necessary to employ not one, but two, three or even more employees. It is clear that they will work a certain amount of time is not free, and so the price on such a large item cannot be minimal. The volume measure in quadrature, linear metres or tonnes, given the nature of the work.

the Second point — complexity. The service may include handling complicated designs. Sometimes it is inconvenient to get to the desired station. In some cases it is necessary to connect many of the details under a very difficult angle. Matters and material on which to work. Take into account the need for the used equipment. Sometimes it is enough to use standard welding tools. Another thing, when the master is forced to use more expensive devices. Determine the cost of various measures designed to maximize durability of a welding seam. Only by reference to a competent specialist will be able to get an accurate answer to the question of the cost.

Hardware on which you are welding steel structures

  • the
  • Methods of welding (Mig-Mag) (TIG) (MMA) (RSW):  Kemppi; Tesla                                     
  • the
  • Method of welding (RSW): CSISO КТ007; МТ1614.