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 Urn ashtray "Barcelona 100"
No reviews
Height : 1000 мм
Ashtray : 1
Weight : 10 кг
 Urn ashtray "Barcelona 200"
No reviews
Height : 1000
Ashtray : 1
Weight : 14 кг
 Urn of "Prince" with a tank and ashtray
No reviews
Height : 960 мм
Ashtray : 1
Weight : 35 кг
 Urn "King"
No reviews
Height : 1115 мм
Diameter : 605 мм
Ashtray : 1
Weight : 84 кг
 Urn "Madrid"
No reviews
Height : 650 мм
Ashtray : 1
Weight : 4 кг

Ashtray bin According to the well-known expression, cleanliness is not guaranteed by constant cleaning, but by the absence of people who litter. Many areas of human life are associated with the formation of various wastes. One of the main disasters faced by any institution, be it a shop or a pharmacy, is the large number of cigarette butts, which damage the organization's image (especially among non-smokers) if they are scattered around the entrance to the building.

Today, institutions and organizations deal with the situation in different ways. Someone uses small ashtrays to collect butts, which are often cans for drinks or coffee, someone - ordinary garbage cans. In the first case, such ashtrays do not look very presentable, moreover, they constantly turn over, and in the second case there is a possibility of fire, since paper and plastic packaging are thrown into the trash cans, which can even catch fire from a cigarette butt.

The most correct decision is to buy an ashtray urn and solve two problematic issues related to cleanliness at once. Urns with an ashtray from the Prodmash plant will improve the entrance to any building and add sophistication to the exterior. The advantages of installing an ashtray bin are obvious. It does not matter where to install this product - in the smoking area or just at the entrance to the store.

By installing an advanced trash can, you get:

  • cleanliness at the entrance to your institution (institution), which enhances the image and attracts new visitors;
  • minimal exploitation of support personnel and the ability to send them to solve other, more important tasks;
  • fire safety in the territory entrusted to you, since there is no danger of fire debris inside the tank;
  • enhancing the company's image due to the fact that a correctly selected bin complements the design and carries not only practical functions, but also aesthetic ones.

The main types of urns for cigarette butts

Urn for cigarette buttsToday there is an opportunity to buy outdoor ashtray urns (both for smoking areas and for location at the entrance to the building) in online stores in Ukraine. You can find a product with different designs, sizes and other parameters. It all depends on your needs. Products in this group are classified according to the following criteria:

  • Installation method. There are floor bins and removable items.
  • Design features. You can buy bins for butts, made in the form of racks, equipped with compartments for butts and special areas for extinguishing them. Such modifications look elegant, but the capacity is not very significant. For installation in places with a large number of smokers, cylindrical containers are suitable, in the upper part of which there is a bowl-shaped compartment for extinguishing cigarettes, covered with perforated metal plates. Below is a hole in the volumetric tank, which is designed for a different number of cigarette butts.
  • Manufacturing material. Modern ashtrays are made of metal: galvanized steel, black or polished stainless steel. Due to this, the service life can reach several tens of years.
  • Execution option. You can purchase both ashtray bins and garbage cans, which are modified and equipped with receivers for extinguishing and collecting cigarette butts.

Prices for urns for cigarette butts in Ukraine

You can buy high-quality, aesthetic urns for cigarette butts of various designs in the online store of the producer "Prodmash" of outdoor furniture with delivery throughout Ukraine, as well as many other accessories for maintaining cleanliness at the lowest price. We produce a wide range of products for every wallet, so you will never leave us without a purchase. You can also buy lampposts from us.

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Ashtray urns Цена
Urn ashtray "Barcelona 100" Negotiable
Urn ashtray "Barcelona 200" Negotiable
Urn of "Prince" with a tank and ashtray Negotiable
Urn "King" Negotiable
Urn "Madrid" Negotiable