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 Lamp post "Lumiere"
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Height : 5000
 Armoframe for the Bright lantern
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 Lamp post "City Light"
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Height : 4760
 Lamp post "Bright"
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Height : 3500
 Lamp post "City Flash"
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Height : 4414

Street lighting LED lights from the factory Prodmash

Street lights is not just lighting, but also elements of design night landscape and territory. That's why the decision to buy the led street lighting is more than correct when installed on the street. It works equally well in rain, snow or fog, so their owners have a good overview of the surrounding area. To buy a street lamp at the best price in our online store.

Lantern street - save electricity

Led lighting for streets, parks, residential areas – very important at the present time – time energy savings. Multifunctional intelligent led street lighting system facilitate the monitoring, maintenance and management of the lighting network.

Deciding to buy  street light system reflected light, you will:

  • reduce energy costs by 50% thanks to the network of lighting systems (minimum consumption of electricity from lighting power over 15 Lux);
  • will be able to remotely control the system and thereby reduce the cost of maintenance and operation;
  • will get a system of the reflected light that does not blind people, but also as close as possible to fluorescent lighting;
  • reduce carbon emissions for environmental improvement and sustainable development of the city.

factory "created" in Ukraine made modern LED lights – reflected light systems that can be installed in parks, squares and private areas. In addition, we will make any street lighting led design for the customer.

energy-Saving street lighting for landscape design is available in a different format:

beautiful decorative garden lamps.

  • column;
  • built-in options; 

 selection of the necessary forms and sizes of lamps wide and very versatile.

outdoor lighting flashlights - site installation

Before you buy the street lights, you should familiarize yourself with their functions, study their characteristics and to choose the exact type of the projector to meet all existing needs.

outdoor led yard lighting are used for:

  • lighting of parks, bike paths, Hiking and walking areas;
  • additional lighting of buildings;
  • decoration landscape design;
  • primary lighting area.

Because such light sources should work equally well in snow and rain, the choice of lamps for street lighting particular attention should be paid to the protection device. Manufacturers of street lighting has provided different degrees of protection from environmental influences.

to create reliable lighting for years to come, you need to buy street lamps with degree of protection not less than IP65. As vehicles pass, and the kids play with these light sources, the risk of external mechanical impact is very high. Therefore, the impact resistance is not less important for street protection level must be at least IK07.

Our street lights, which you can buy without intermediaries through the site, are optimal for solving the above problems.

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Lampposts Цена
Lamp post "Lumiere" Negotiable
Armoframe for the Bright lantern Negotiable
Lamp post "City Light" Negotiable
Lamp post "Bright" Negotiable
Lamp post "City Flash" Negotiable