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Max. the dimensions of the parts
Class precision
the Hardness of workpiece
up to 15-18 HRC

Milling works of any complexity

Metal characterized by strength, reliability, resistance to mechanical deformation but mankind has learned to alter his form, using special equipment. With the help of machine tools of turning and milling work is performed with maximum precision. Basic element — the cutter, capable of rotating around its own axis. One element is directly involved in the processing of a minimum of time, since a large part accounts for the rotation about the details. Such a feature identified for a long period of equipment operation. Milling of metal requires several steps:

  1. the
  2. Rough work. The specialist determines the total profile of the part. From the surface of the volume is taken chips. The most simple stage, which do not require high accuracy. Allowed stock up to 8 mm.
  3. the
  4. semi-finishing work. Are more difficult. Belong to the fourth to sixth categories of milling operations.
  5. the
  6. Finish. The most severe stage, where permitted allowance of not more than 1 mm. the Wizard makes the product flawless, correctly emphasizing all the contours and geometric strict lines.

On each step using other tools. In particular, selecting the optimal tools. There are differences in the design features. For example, rough work performs milling tool with large teeth, as it is not necessary to achieve perfection in the appearance of the items. In the case of a fine, on the contrary apply exclusively in small mills with the aim to avoid even the slightest defect.

Milling of metal work universal. You can manufacture out of aluminum, copper, steel and beyond. Most importantly — to use only high-quality multifunctional equipment. Special emphasis is placed on the teeth. If they are pierced, it will definitely affect the quality of the processing material. Master, considering the work to be performed, selects a face or a shaped cutter. All procedures are performed on machines equipped with special cutting elements and processing. Specialists in the river from the plant ‘created’ to work on such equipment.

Neat milling of aluminium masters

Resistance to moisture, plasticity and light weight identified a wide range of applications of the material. Milling aluminum CNC machining allows us to give it any shape. Due to the equipment are made of the mold housings of the devices, parts for vehicles and mechanisms, instrument panel and many other products. A CNC machine as the first choice for aluminium machining. The master is capable of not just cutting the material to pieces and drilling holes.

More difficult is the milling of steel. This metal is stronger compared to aluminum and is not easily treatable. The service is always quality, on time, price — is available. Competent craftsmen also carried out and milling of copper. If you need to quickly make a large batch of products, without industrial equipment is not enough.

On what hardware to run milling processing

  • the
  • Widely universal milling 6Р8Ш
  • the
  • vertically Milling console 6Р13
  • the
  • milling horizontal 6Р83
  • the
  • Heckert vertical milling machining