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It is not difficult to organize efficient processing of grain if you use special equipment for this. Among the whole variety of devices, it is worth highlighting equipment for hulling grain, which allows you to clean crops from husks, as well as washing machines for grain. During this procedure, you can get rid of the flower film from rice, oats, millet and other grains. The technique will also be relevant if you need to remove the fruit shell from buckwheat or wheat. High efficiency means that the husk is gently cleaned without damaging the kernel of the grain. You can buy equipment for grinding grain in our catalog, notifying managers in any convenient way.

Features and principle of operation of hulling and grinding machines

The device allows:

  • clean the grain from the outer film;
  • remove seed husks;
  • give the grain a smooth shape.

For this purpose, you can choose equipment for peeling grain of a grinding or polishing type. The principle of operation of the device largely depends on the design features. Many machines allow grain to be husked by compression and shearing, which occurs thanks to special working surfaces. The distance between them should be less than the diameter of the kernel of the cultivated culture. This principle is suitable for cereals in which the shell and core are not spliced. Similar equipment for mills is represented by a hulling rack, a roller mill and a hulling machine, supplemented with rubberized rollers.

Otherwise, the husk is removed on devices that use the shock method. Such equipment is usually used for cleaning crops with a strong core and non-adherent films. Hulling using the single blow method is suitable for oats. For this, a centrifugal installation is used. Repeated striking allows you to hull wheat, barley or corn. The equipment for grinding grain of these crops is a peeling machine in which rotating beaters and a fixed surface are installed.

The grain can also be husked due to friction against the abrasive. A reliable peeling and grinding machine for this is always on our website. It allows you to process raw materials in which the shells are firmly adhered to the kernel, for example, wheat or peas. The grain grinding equipment has high productivity and can polish the surface of the core.

How to buy equipment for grinding and peeling grain from the Prodmash plant?

We will ensure prompt delivery of your order to Dnipro, Kharkov and other cities of Ukraine. You just need to choose the type of equipment for polishing and peeling crops, for which you can use the advice of our specialists. For a peeling and grinding machine, the price remains affordable, as you can see from personal experience.

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