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Plant ‘created” is powder coating, whereby given a more aesthetic appearance to the metal. The composition of the polymers directed to a desired area, and then perform the polymerization, setting a temperature. Modern technologies allow to use a special furnace. The standard process consists of the following stages:

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  • to prepare the products for painting, namely, the elimination of unnecessary things, dust is the degreasing of the surface, thereby almost preventing the possibility of corrosion;
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  • on the workpiece a layer of powder composition; the work is done in a special chamber of the spray;
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  • the process of polymerization and melting of the coating, which is carried out in specially designed furnaces; creates a protective film, and then resort to cooling and removing unnecessary residues of paint.

In home service is not available. It is necessary to equip the whole system, consisting of dozens of types of equipment and additional components. In this case, it is able to handle large quantities of products within the shortest period of time. Painted parts simply and quickly move around the elements of the system, and the role of man is reduced to the actual control functions. Well-thought-out system works on the principle of the conveyor, continuously painting articles and independently moving them to where takes the employee has received the workpiece. This significantly increases the level of performance. As a result, the price is set at quite an affordable level.

Effective painting powder coated paint

First, parts are placed on the conveyor belt. The surface is thoroughly cleaned from third-party gizmos, rinsed with water, treated. Next, the parts are dried in a specially equipped furnace. The next stage — the cooling. Now the workpiece to a holding cell, where they are painted. Powder paint may be sprayed manually or by automatic devices. The first method allows you to work more accurately. The second applies an electrostatic device working under compressed air. The painted substance is evenly distributed on the surface of the part. Powder painting of metal — is:

  • the
  • renewal of life;
  • the
  • the ability to use the technology on all types of products;
  • the
  • environmentally friendly way;
  • the
  • variety of colors and shades, the decorative component.

the plant has created all the conditions for powder painting of disks was performed in accordance with the most stringent requirements. The quality of the work satisfies even the most demanding customer. Despite the high level of professionalism and efficiency, is set quite affordable price. Employees will prove that they are great experts in their line of work.

Equipment running turning

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  • Paint the complex of NUTECH - NT 1150