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 Washer J9-BMB
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Length : 3700 мм
Weight : 2900 кг

Thanks to the use of a grain washer, it is possible to quickly and effectively cleanse the wheat from dirt and microorganisms that could appear on its surface. Also, the equipment allows you to remove organic and inorganic impurities. A grain washing machine is available on the website of the producer Prodmash-Dnepr. Here you can order flour grinding equipment and grain crushers at the best prices.

The principle of operation of washing machines

The rafting department is designed to carry out hydroseparation, which results in the separation of grain from impurities. The hydroseparation procedure consists in the fact that grain and various impurities fall into the water at different speeds. Cleaning wheat using the wet method has several advantages. In particular, it surpasses the dry method in its effectiveness. After the washing is completed, the grain is characterized by minimal moisture, since during the cleaning it practically does not get wet, therefore it does not need additional drying.

Grain is fed using screw conveyors. In the presence of a large amount of impurities, the feed is carried out at the initial section. The absence of impurities allows the grain to be fed directly to the ejector, thus keeping the minimum moisture content of the mixture. The following may remain on the surface of the supplied raw materials:

  • dust;
  • mud;
  • husk.

Large impurities are retained on the filter, and dust and dirt form foam, which is extinguished with a defoamer. Modern equipment makes it possible to fine-tune each stage of work, which increases the efficiency of its use. The cleaned raw material is then sucked in by means of ejectors for transportation to the separator. Centrifugal force allows the grain to dry quickly after cleaning.

How to buy a washer for grinding grain from the Prodmash plant?

The grain washer is distinguished by the fact that during its use the grain is practically not damaged. The specialists of our company are always happy to answer your additional questions during the order confirmation. We have many years of experience, which allows our customers to receive goods of consistently high quality. You can buy a washing machine for grinding grain into flour in Ukraine at the best prices, having studied the offer of our catalog. The equipment will be delivered in a short time to any locality in the country.

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