Screens (sieves) for separators

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 Screens for the BCS separator (490x990)
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Length : 490
 Sieves for separators (710х1420)
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Length : 710

Separators are agricultural equipment designed for cleaning, sorting and grading grain. Separator sieves are an integral type of separator components, which provide the ability to form selected material for crops or further processing.

Range of sieves (sieves) for separators

The Prodmash plant manufactures punching sieves for various types of machines. Among the wide range you can choose a sieve for the separator BSH, BLS, BCS, BIS. They are presented in various variations, differing from each other:

  • material of manufacture;
  • thickness of steel;
  • type and size of holes.

The main advantages of the products include their high strength, which is ensured by welding and additional rivet of the hooks. It should also be noted:

  • lack of burrs, which often cause spoilage of grain material;
  • high-quality flatness of the sieve part;
  • Exact size of round, longitudinal and triangular holes.

Screens and sieves are made of high quality metals, which ensures their reliability and long service life.

Separator sieves are special types of component elements that are able to sift out impurities, husks, stones, weeds and other debris better than simple crushers. They are used in granaries, elevators, mills and other facilities involved in the collection, purchase, storage and sale of grain.

Why buy a grain crusher sieve from us?

The Prodmash plant offers to buy sieves and sieves for a grain crusher, at an affordable price. The catalog contains a wide range of sieves for grain cleaning. We provide fast and inexpensive delivery to Dnipro and other cities of Ukraine, provide the possibility of self-pickup and offer a flexible payment system.

To order products, contact our managers by phone indicated on the website or through the feedback form. Experts will call you back at a convenient time to help you choose the right accessories for the separator. We are always glad to cooperate with dealers and wholesale buyers, we offer favorable discounts and purchase conditions, we guarantee high quality products.

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Screens (sieves) for separators Цена
Screens for the BCS separator (490x990) Negotiable
Sieves for separators (710х1420) Negotiable