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 Hammer crusher DDM-5
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Height : 1710 мм
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 Bulk Material Crusher A1T-DSM
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Grain grinders are the most demanded equipment for crushing feed. With this device, you can quickly get ready-to-use feed. It remains only to choose the equipment for the mills that will fully meet your wishes. An industrial grain crusher is always available on our website, as well as flour sifters. It will facilitate the work, as well as get quality feed in the shortest possible time in any volume.

The grain crusher allows you to work with the following crops:

  • wheat;
  • corn;
  • barley and others.

Features and working principle of grain crushers

When choosing a crusher, you should pay attention to the individual characteristics of the equipment, including:

  • power level;
  • economical design;
  • ease of use;
  • additional customization options.

We offer you to buy a grain crusher, which will please you with high performance. The technique will be the perfect complement to a flour mill or farm. The design of the grain grinder includes a motor, a rotor with hammers and auger, as well as a hopper and a chamber.

A grain crusher involves crushing the mass after preliminary processing of raw materials, which must be dried, get rid of impurities and other inclusions that can harm the rotor. Next, you need to choose a sieve of a suitable size. Here you need to consider for which livestock the grain will be used as feed. For conventional cattle, grain is prepared with a fraction of 6 mm, while for poultry, a finer fraction of 4 mm is required.

A grain crusher must be inspected before use. To do this, the wizard examines the state of the connectors. Condensation must not build up in the grinder, as this could lead to a short circuit. The machine should run at idle when starting. Only when the required rotor speed is reached from the grain supply hopper, the raw material begins to move, which is crushed with hammers.

Types of crushers

You can always buy a grain crusher on our website. Qualified specialists will readily answer questions so that the client is satisfied with his own choice. All models on the market can be divided into the following categories:

  • hammer crushers;
  • screw;
  • rotary.

By the type of drive, shredders are manual or electric. By the type of feed, the devices are divided into special and universal. Only after deciding on the tasks that the technology will face, it is possible to choose the right equipment for grinding grain.

Benefits of using grain crushers

Grain crushers have several important advantages. First of all, it is worth noting the ease of use. The devices have many useful features that make them even more versatile. Among other advantages, it is necessary to highlight:

  • simple design, due to which the service life of the equipment will be maximized;
  • ease of use and management;
  • high level of safety, which allows using the shredder without experience in the use of such technology.

The structure of the equipment allows you to significantly speed up the process of crushing grain. The device requires minimal maintenance, and the ability to grind a wide variety of raw materials makes the crusher a versatile piece of equipment.

Recommendations for choosing a grain crusher

A modern grain crusher has several features that are worth paying attention to in the selection process. To obtain high-quality feed, it is necessary to use good-quality raw materials. In the process of direct selection of technology, you need to pay attention to the degree of grinding. This parameter will depend on what kind of pets the food is being prepared for. Shredding can be done rotary, roller, hammer or pneumatic. Rotary grinding remains the most economical method. To obtain higher quality feed, a hammer grinder is used, and a roller grinder has a minimum energy consumption.

When buying a crusher, consider its power. The performance of the device is chosen in accordance with the tasks that will be assigned to it. The size of the equipment depends on the capacity. For a small farm, it is quite possible to choose a compact model.

How to buy a grain crusher at affordable prices from the Prodmash manufacturer?

The online store offers you a feed chopper with high performance and reliable design. The prices for grain crushers remain affordable, and the equipment will be delivered to Kharkov, Kiev and throughout Ukraine.

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