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Sito BTSS bent to the separator, BTSS-100

vibrating centrifugal separator BTSS-100 is a stationary equipment for calibration, sorting and efficient cleaning of grain raw materials from impurities.

factory "created" are made of a sieve bend with claws, the dimensions of which are 490х990 to vibrocentric separator BTSS-100.

they are Made of high quality cold-rolled steel. Hooks are welded by welding and is additionally attached metal rivets to increase the strength of the product in terms of centrifugal force. Manufactured shapes: round, longitudinal, triangular. 

the scope of application of the sieve for BTSS 100

Buy the sieve for the BTSS 100, which are used in granaries, elevators, flour mills and other companies specializing in the purchase, storage and sale of grain, you can on our website.

we Offer equipment BTSS-100 is a highly reliable cleaning machine and allows you to remove up to 100 tons of grain per hour.

Among the big market offers grain cleaning machine separator BTSS-100 has many advantages:

due to widespread use, farmers prefer the vibrating separator of this type, make good use of this equipment is bucket elevators noriya; the

  • affordable price 100 sieve on BTSS and longer uptime are important arguments when choosing vibrating centrifugal separator;
  • can be used as a unit operating independently or as part of a cleaning line, drying and processing of grain, grain cleaning systems;
  • made of high quality metal in compliance with all technical codes and parameters relevant national and international standards;

We are always happy to help customers who appreciate the high quality of treated grain products with a selection of the most suitable equipment for cleaning grain. Delivery and prices on products - our recent arguments in favor of the BTSS 100.

Yesterday, I left the order late in the evening, I called back in the morning and was already sent. Service at the level. I will look at the product quality.
Having bought the dec_ilka of these sieves. Robble without a narek. Thank you!
Thanks to Mengere that helped pick a sieve. It is good that you can choose the type of holes, it is very important when buying a sieve on the BTSS.
Margarita Ivanovna
I ordered a solid on the BTSS, the quality of the metal is excellent. Delivered at the specified period. Thank you!