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Despite the fact that anti-smoking campaigns are being actively held today, the organization of smoking areas cannot be ignored. To do this, urns are used, the designs of which include small mesh ashtrays. In order to choose the right product, it is necessary to take into account the features of the material of manufacture, the volume of the urn, as well as its design.

Spencer urns from the Prodmash plant: originality at an affordable price

It is possible to buy the Spencer ballot box, both for the street, and for the room. The construction of the container is made of high quality powder coated metal. If we talk about the advantages of this model, these are:

  • The protective layer prevents the occurrence of rust and other corrosive processes.
  • A rubber gasket is glued to the bottom of the ashtray, which helps prevent the container from slipping. This is especially true if the ballot box needs to be installed on a slippery floor tile of a shopping center.
  • The removable ashtray is very easy to clean. To do this, remove the top of the container, and after cleaning, install it back.
  • The volume of the 32l urn allows you to use the model where a lot of garbage is collected.
  • Low cost. The urn "Spencer" is an option that will help to conveniently and efficiently equip one or another territory.
  • To choose the right ballot box that will satisfy all requirements as much as possible, contact the specialists of our online store. We will explain the advantages and features of each individual model, as well as recommend which products should be preferred.

Litter bins and outdoor furniture from the Prodmash factory are high quality, original design, functionality and a relatively low price. We offer products that will not fail at the most crucial moment and will perform their functions efficiently for a long time.