Urn "Loret"

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Urn "Loret"Specifications

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20 кг

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The cleanliness of city streets most directly depends on the availability of garbage bins. But, today, preference is given not only to practicality, but also to the original design. In order not to deviate from the stylistic direction of the territory, choosing an urn, you can consider such an option as a container with a logo. This is a kind of advertising, and also makes it possible to emphasize the direction of the site owner.

Urn "Loret" from the plant Prodmash: high quality at an affordable price

Choosing a dumpster of the Loret model, using plasma cutting you can do your own branding on the urn (logo, name). The ballot box with a lid on the lock has the following characteristics:

  • Case material - steel, 1.5 mm thick. Racks are made of more durable metal, whose thickness is 2 mm.
  • Coating the top layer with special powder paint. Reliable metal protection makes it possible to extend the life of the structure, as well as to maintain its original appearance for a long time.
  • A garbage bucket is placed inside the housing. This is very convenient, since the waste does not come into contact with the box, which eliminates the possibility of quick damage to the product.
  • The oval-shaped top lid protects the urn from rain. Also, this visor is locked, excluding the opening of the structure unnecessarily.
  • A sufficient amount of urn 45l allows you to accumulate a large amount of garbage.

How to order a ballot box with a logo online?

To buy the Loret, call our representatives at the contact phone number. Specialists of the online store of the Prodmash factory will voice the current cost of the product, as well as focus on its advantages. We offer branded products and outdoor furniture, which has all the necessary certificates and manufacturer's guarantees.