A perforated sheet of 1 mm

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 Perforated Sheet (1 mm, round)
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Length : 1000 мм
 Perforated Sheet (1 mm, longitudinal)
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Length : 1000 мм
 Perforated Sheet (1 mm, triangular)
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Length : 1000 мм
 Perforated Sheet (1 mm, square)
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Length : 1000 мм

Perforated sheet 1 mm is a modern, practical, construction, finishing and decorative material with a wide range of uses. The presence of perforations, various types of metal, a large assortment of sizes - all this ensures the popularity of a 1 mm perforated sheet in many areas of human activity.

Most often, 1 mm perforated sheet is made from uncoated steel sheets, from stainless and galvanized steel, or from aluminum. Each metal has its own positive characteristics, so any buyer can choose a product based on their needs.

Where can 1mm perforated sheet be used?

Given that this sheet has a small thickness, it is most often used in structures with low stress. However, with proper installation, it can also be used in other areas:

  • Architecture (decoration of facades, windows, balconies, staircases, terraces as windproof and noise-absorbing panels, protective screens).
  • Design and decor (decoration of partitions, columns, suspended ceilings, lighting systems and various decorative structures).
  • Furniture production (production of panels for racks, tables, cabinets, production of benches, benches, chairs, as well as various commercial equipment).
  • Heavy and food industry (processing of agricultural products, baking bread and confectionery, meat processing, grinding bones, milk separation) as filtering and sieving elements of mechanisms and systems.

Benefits of using 1mm sheets

Thin and light does not mean fragile. This statement has long been convinced by many people who have used perforated sheets for various purposes. Despite its insignificant thickness, the sheet can withstand heavy loads, besides, it minimizes the "wind effect", that is, air flows pass through the holes, which reduce the resistance of the sheet to the wind.

It is also worth noting such advantages of the product as quick and easy installation, the presence of various options for perforations, the resistance of structures to environmental factors, versatility of use, and an affordable price.

Types and types of perforated sheets 1 mm

Depending on the type of perforation, sheets are distinguished with:

  • round;
  • longitudinal;
  • triangular;
  • square perforations.

The holes can be located in straight or offset rows, have a different pitch, so the choice is quite large.

Depending on the material from which the sheets are made, there are:

  • perforated aluminum sheet;
  • perforated stainless steel sheet;
  • perforated steel sheet;
  • perforated galvanized sheet GOST.

Why buy 1mm perforated sheet?

Purchase of perforated sheet 1 mm and 2 mm from the Dneprovsky plant "Prodmash" is a profitable investment of finance. We sell a wide range of quality products at the best prices. Metal perforation is carried out on Japanese AIDA and Swiss Shuller presses, and the workshop capacity reaches 60 tons of perforated metal per day. Our company is 90 years old, while we combine the accumulated experience and advanced world technologies. We deliver throughout Ukraine and work with both wholesale and retail customers.

Цена на A perforated sheet of 1 mm

A perforated sheet of 1 mm Цена
Perforated Sheet (1 mm, round) Negotiable
Perforated Sheet (1 mm, longitudinal) Negotiable
Perforated Sheet (1 mm, triangular) Negotiable
Perforated Sheet (1 mm, square) Negotiable