Heat treatment

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Modern heat treatment of materials

Available from ‘created”, as heat treatment of metals, allows you to convert items in a desired direction. Be processed of the workpiece, more beautiful and reliable. Significantly improved performance properties. Technology is a set of processes, namely — heat, cold, aging. As a consequence, it changes the internal structure of the material that does not resolve chemical components. No positive qualities in the heat treatment process are not lost. The efficiency of the process is given to the maximum. During processing occurs:

  • conversion of small particles into large;
  • secondary crystallization of the material;
  • gamma-iron is replaced by alpha-iron.

performance properties depend on the ease of processing and the internal composition of the mixture.

Heat treatment of steel: specifics

Dnieper river — one of the cities where at the professional level is carried out heat treatment of carbon steel. The essence of the process is to change the internal structure of the metal. You must strictly adhere to optimal conditions of temperature and speed on each individual stage. Takes into account the percentage of carbon in the material, as the element directly affects the quality. In the heating process structure of a workpiece is changed, which allows to improve qualities such as:

  • resistant to corrosion
  • strength;
  • durable;
  • the resistance.

In the ready-made presets are improved ductility. Eliminated the internal stress of the type after the operation deep drawing, casting, and hot and cold stamping process. In the future much easier to handle such a product. Is heat treatment of alloy and carbon steel. No matter what amount of carbon contained in the metal. Processed of the workpiece as a capacity element at the level of 0.25 % and when this indicator was equal to 0.7 %.

Quality thermal technologies to define aspects such as the period of cooling, temperature of heating and efficiency, as well as the time during which the workpiece is maintained at the prescribed temperature. The price depends on the complexity of work and scope. The specialists of the plant ‘created” is ready to execute the order at a minimal cost.