Urn "Delta" is small, portable

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Urn "Delta" is small, portableSpecifications

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Urns are one of the most important attributes of both large cities and small towns. These designs are not only reliable waste collectors, but also educate the culture of society.

In the production of ballot boxes, a variety of materials are used. Most often, preference is given to durable plastic or metal. The second option is more in demand, since such metal structures are characterized by greater wear resistance, efficiency and a long service life.

Why do customers choose Delta urns?

A portable ballot box from the Prodmash factory is great for heavy use. Due to its compact size and the ability to move, small ballot boxes can be installed at stops, in parks, in parking lots, playgrounds and so on.

Advantages of urns "Delta":

  • Possibility of use, both in the open territory, and indoors.
  • Mobility. If you do not like the location of the urn, the product can be moved without problems.
  • The material of manufacture is perforated metal. This allows you to ensure high-quality ventilation of the product and to eliminate the occurrence of unpleasant odors.
  • A convenient tank volume of the urn is 15 liters.
  • The box is fixed to the rotating axis using a spring lock. Reliable fixation of the structure prevents debris from getting enough sleep, and with the help of rotation, cleaning the urn is much easier.
  • The possibility of using the urn with or without a garbage bag.
  • The metal is coated with polyester paint. This protective layer prevents the formation of corrosion, and also for a long time maintains the perfect appearance of the container.

You can buy urns "Delta" in our online store in just one click. Leave a request on the site and company representatives will contact you as soon as possible, voice the current prices and help make an order for the selected product. Also in our store a large selection of outdoor furniture is presented.

Ordered on Sunday. They called back on the same day + urn were taken to the agreed period. Thank you for efficiency!
Compact urn. Delivered quickly. Made on conscience.
The fucked Schvidko, Vіdpravili porch. Manager Buv Vіchlivim. Recommend!
All perfectly! About the urn itself - cheap and practical